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New Study Reveals the SneakPeek Early Gender Test Has Greater Than 99% Accuracy

In a new study published in the Journal of Pregnancy and Child Health, researchers demonstrated that the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test has a 99.6% accuracy for predicting a baby’s gender as early as 9 weeks’ gestation. Typically, only high-risk pregnancies are eligible for coverage by insurance companies for physician-ordered Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPTs). As for everyone else, the cost of early gender prediction can be in the thousands. With this new publication, SneakPeek proves that it can be an affordable, relatively easy, and effective solution for expecting parents!

Science Supports the Effectiveness of the SneakPeek Early Gender Test

Investigators of this study collected blood samples from 241 expecting women who had been carrying for approximately 8-36 weeks. To evaluate SneakPeek’s precision in determining their baby’s gender, researchers tested 59 maternal blood samples twice on different days. Both the researchers and the women did not know their baby’s gender prior to genetic testing. The results were confirmed at the end of the study via sonogram.

Using SneakPeek’s noninvasive prenatal gender blood test investigators found that the Y-chromosome DNA—which is only found in males—was detected in all samples of women who were carrying male babies. Overall, the gender identification test correctly identified gender in 240 out of the 241 samples, demonstrating a 99.6% accuracy. To read the full study, visit the Journal of Pregnancy and Child Health online.

Researchers Emphasize the Benefits of Non-Invasive, At-Home Gender Tests

The psychological benefits of early gender determination are numerous. Improving peace of mind, enthusiasm, and early parental bonding are all advantages associated with baby gender prediction. Using low-cost methods that don’t require a physician’s order or insurance coverage can also be freeing, enabling parents to put their financial resources into other areas related to the anticipated event!

Get to Know the SneakPeek Gender Testing System

SneakPeek is an at-home gender blood testing kit that is non-invasive, low-cost, and highly accurate in predicting a baby’s gender in the first trimester of pregnancy, or as early as 9 weeks pregnant. Once the sample is received at the lab, gender can be identified within 24 hours, which helps expectant parents obtain their results quickly and seamlessly.

To learn more about the at-home SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test, visit sneakpeektest.com today.


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