Title: Testimonial 13

As soon as we told our 3 year old girl she started practicing with her doll how she was going to hold her baby brother. Too cute!

Title: Testimonial 12

I wanted to play the right music and sing along to my belly. SneakPeek gave me that opportunity!

Title: Testimonial 11

My husband ordered SneakPeek and didn’t tell me until it came. First of all I was ecstatic that he wanted to find out and even more excited when we got the result!

Title: Testimonial 10

I really liked using SneakPeek at home and was amazed how easy and convenient it was.

Title: Testimonial 9

I surprised my pregnant sister with SneakPeek. She and her husband loved the idea of finding out so early and than celebrating with a party!

Title: Testimonial 8

First time around I waited until I gave birth to find out I was having a daughter. Just used SneakPeek with baby #2 and found out little brother is on his way! It’s even more exciting to find out at 12 weeks!

Title: Testimonial 7

SneakPeek gave me the opportunity to get to know my baby in a way I could never have imagined!

Title: Testimonial 6

With our first two children we waited over 4 months to discover their gender by ultrasound. This time we used SneakPeek and found out in under two!

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Title: Testimonial 5

It was important for me to know the gender of my baby. I wanted to make sure I was preparing correctly.

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Title: Testimonial 4

My 5 year old and 7 year old girls were ecstatic when they found out they were having a baby brother!