The 5 Best Maternity Clothing Stores for the Stylish Mom

Published on 3 July, 2019 and Updated on 26 December, 2019

When you’re newly pregnant, figuring out where to purchase maternity clothes can be frustrating on top of the emotional and physical changes you’re experiencing. Dressing trendy but comfortably while pregnant can keep you in a positive mindset through your beautiful 9-month journey. We did the research to help you gain insight on where to shop for quality, good prices, customer service, simple return policies, and brands that suit your style.
Here are the five best stylish maternity clothing stores that will fulfill your pregnancy fashion needs.

A Pea In The Pod

When it comes to dressing luxuriously during pregnancy, A Pea In The Pod is the go-to spot. This store is on the pricey side as it carries the trendiest name brands on the market, but no doubt, the clothes are stylish and chic.
It’s natural for expecting moms to be a little lost on what to buy regarding clothes and products during pregnancy. A Pea in The Pod comes to the rescue with a great resource on its website called The Guide! The Guide breaks down what maternity style is best for you, from professional options to which type of denim is most comfortable in different trimesters to bra sizing (including nursing bras!). A Pea In The Pod makes it easy for moms-to-be to get the guidance you need on your new journey.
Our Rating: 10
Pros: Fashionable, unique, top of the line designs, great quality
Cons: Pricey!


Searching for an edgier look to add to your closet while pregnant? Think of your wardrobe outside of the box with Boohoo’s maternity line. Boohoo’s clothing carries the essence that leaves you feeling fashion-forward while also being comfortable. With a variety of trendy outfits from athleisure biker shorts to flowy floral dresses, the best perk of shopping this brand is their website! There is always a sale happening whether it’s a new arrival or part of their sale page all year round.
Our Rating: 10
Pros: Quality, Return Policy, Pricing
Cons: Shipping time

Seraphine Maternity

Originally an English maternity brand that has been represented by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, Seraphine’s vision is to create maternity clothing that will fit moms during pregnancy and after giving birth. Their style of clothing is comfortable and well-designed for every season. What really makes them stand out is how bright and fun their patterns and prints are. So, if you like adding that spice to your outfits, you will love their clothes!
Unfortunately, shopping for maternity clothes can be frustrating when it comes to sizing. Finding the perfect jeans during pregnancy is almost impossible, but Seraphine makes a true effort in making the purchase experience easier for mommies. Their sizes don’t come in the typical small, medium, or large; they are sized like non-maternity jeans, so no more guessing! The best part? If you want to try on a pair before you buy, they will ship you some to check out, which is amazing customer service you cannot find often!
Our Rating: 9.5
Pros: Fashionable, great quality, solid return policy


If you’re looking for modern maternity items that are on trend but won’t break the bank, ASOS will be your savior. They carry their own in-house label alongside other boutique brands that will leave you feeling sophisticated and original. ASOS is also famously known for having special-sized collections for women to fit all body types including plus-size, curvy, petite, and tall! You’ll definitely be able to find something you love here without breaking the bank.
Our Rating: 9
Pros: Comfortable, Affordable, Sizing options
Cons: No Customer Service


H&M is the go-to when searching for minimal, trendy, chic clothes. Did you know they also have an adorable maternity line? Known for their soft cotton fabrics, H&M’s maternity clothes will leave you feeling cozy at all times of the day – and all trimesters of your pregnancy. They have simple plain pieces to super cute busy patterns that will satisfy any mood you’re feeling that day.
Perks of shopping at H&M? We love how inexpensive the prices are for the high quality and cute looks they sell. Not only that, they ALWAYS have sales in store… Who doesn’t love a good deal?
Our Rating: 8
Pros: High quality, comfortable, affordable, fast shipping
Cons: No one-on-one customer service, strict return policy
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