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Mayan Calendar Gender Prediction

When you find out that you’re pregnant, your mind becomes a whirl of emotions, excitement, and, of course, questions. After all, you can’t wait to learn more about the baby growing inside you! You may find yourself wondering: Will my baby have my eyes? Will my baby have my grandpa’s dimples? Will he or she […]

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What is the Shettles Method?

As you start on your journey to becoming a parent, you may dream of what your child will be like. Maybe you picture a softball champ who loves your mac and cheese recipes as much as she loves water colors. Or maybe you picture a dancer whose amazing natural rhythm only rivals his math skills. […]

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What Determines the Gender of a Baby?

For millennia, scientists and astrologers have attempted to crack the mystery of predicting a baby’s sex. Stars were consulted, charts were made, but most gender prediction methods were correct 50% of the time—no better than a coin flip. What answers were our ancestors not privy to? What determines the gender of a baby? Put away […]

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How to Know Baby Gender Without an Ultrasound

Do you remember the moments before your pregnancy test read “positive?” You might have been nervous, uncertain, or hopeful, the only thought in your mind buzzing loud and clear—“Am I pregnant?” Then, the answer came. And along with the excitement and elation and popping of sparkling cider, more questions sparked in your mind. Questions like […]

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What is an NIPT Test?

Around ten to twelve weeks into pregnancy, your doctor might discuss taking an NIPT, or a noninvasive prenatal test, with you. This noninvasive prenatal screening is used to screen for chromosome abnormality in your growing baby. At the same time, it also lets you answer that all-important question: is it a boy or girl?  If […]

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How Will My Baby Look?

Your small bundle of joy will start changing in appearance from the moment you first meet. His hair might change colors in the first few years. Her eyes might twinkle differently after the first few months. And growing is definitely on the to-do list. It makes you wonder, what will my baby look like all […]

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baby hair texture change

When Does Baby Hair Texture Change?

There are so many things about your baby that you cherish. Like, how easily she fits in your arms, that sweet baby smell, even the delight she takes in dropping food on the ground. Just like the tininess of his toes and his penchant for Peekaboo, your child’s hair today may not be your child’s […]

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how tall will my child be

How Tall Will My Child Be?

It’s mind-boggling how fast your baby grows. With each doctor’s appointment, you get the latest update on height, weight, and percentiles, and it’s always shocking. Even without these numbers, you can see the change—the first onesie grows tighter, tighter, and then a larger size is needed. In every picture, your child looks a little different; […]

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What Color Hair Will My Baby Have?

Whether your baby was born with a full head of hair, or you waited weeks to see those first sprouting tufts, your heart now fills every time you ruffle those soft locks. You notice more growth at every bath time, and as the weeks go on, you get a glimpse of the way your baby […]

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Will My Baby’s Eyes Stay Blue?

You’ll never forget the moment your baby first saw you, really saw you. Did a big smile scrunch his cheeks up around his eyes? Did her big baby blues go wide with interest and excitement? A child’s eyes are enchanting little pools of wonder and expression. You’ve probably spent hours just watching your child’s gaze […]

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