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Reflection of a pregnant woman in a standing yoga pose.

Prenatal Yoga: Is Yoga Good for Pregnant Women?

Yoga can be highly beneficial for pregnant women. If you were doing yoga before you got pregnant, you can keep it up, and there are some classes just for you. If you’ve never done yoga, you can consider starting with your doctor’s permission. Those First Few Crucial Months You’re overjoyed to have found out your […]

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Photo of a woman lying sleeping on her side in bed.

The Best Ways to Sleep When You’re Pregnant

During the first trimester of pregnancy, schedule changes, physical changes, and anxiety can all affect sleep. Now that you’re pregnant, what’s the best position to sleep in? Choosing Your Sleep Position Pre-empting insomnia can be a matter of getting some healthy exercise each day, such as going for a walk or doing some prenatal yoga. […]

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Mother sitting at home with her child on the porch petting a cat.

Working Moms: Pros and Cons of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Congratulations! You’ve found a modicum of certainty. You’re pregnant, you’re going to have a baby, and you know for certain what the baby’s gender is. Now you’re starting to think about what to do after you have the baby. It can be extremely tough to decide whether to stay at home with your child or […]

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How to Get Pregnant: A Guide to Making a Baby | SneakPeek®

How to Get Pregnant Fast: Your Guide to Making a Baby

The number of births in the U.S. is at a 32-year low, but that doesn’t mean that family planning is following suit. In fact, families are becoming strategically planned now more than ever as many modern women and families are choosing to wait longer to have children. More women are integrating into the workforce, and […]

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Using an At-Home Fetal Doppler

The ability to hear the joyous sound of your baby’s heartbeat anytime you choose is truly a technological miracle. While medical professionals in obstetrics have long used fetal dopplers, only recently have these become available for independent, at-home use. Known as “commercial baby heart monitors,” at-home fetal dopplers are becoming increasingly popular because they are […]

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9 Old Wives’ Tales To Predict Baby’s Gender

Becoming a new parent comes with a host of exciting things to decide: the name of your baby, the color of their nursery, and what advice you’ll give them before their first date. Thinking too far ahead? Maybe so. Before all these decisions comes one particularly special piece of information, something that will influence all […]

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When Can You Find Out the Gender of a Baby?

Significant research behind gender prediction testing in recent years has shrunk the timeline of when expectant parents can learn if they’re having a boy or girl. Today, there are various ways to perform a baby gender prediction test,, each available at different times along the pregnancy, and each coming with its own set of pros and […]

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How to Choose the Best At-Home Fetal Doppler (AKA Baby Heart Monitor) For You

(Originally published 16 July, 2018, this article has been revised to reflect the most up-to-date information) For many women, the joy of feeling their baby moving inside them comes from both the excitement and relief of knowing their baby is alive and healthy. This movement begins as early as 13-16 weeks into pregnancy, and from […]

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SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test Is 99.1% Accurate at 8 Weeks into Pregnancy

In past years, the only way pregnant women could determine the gender of their baby was through an ultrasound. However, with newer methods, you can take an early gender test as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy without having to go to ultrasound clinics. With early gender test methods, such as the SneakPeek gender prediction […]

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The 5 Best Maternity Clothing Stores for the Stylish Mom

When you’re newly pregnant, figuring out where to purchase maternity clothes can be frustrating on top of the emotional and physical changes you’re experiencing. Dressing trendy but comfortably while pregnant can keep you in a positive mindset through your beautiful 9-month journey. We did the research to help you gain insight on where to shop […]

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