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Gender Swaying: Trying for a Boy or Girl

These days, gender reveal parties are the new baby shower. The question is, will you be crossing your fingers for a slice of pink cake? Or blue? If you’re holding out hope for a little boy (or a little girl), you might be looking for ways to tip the scales one way or the other […]

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Chinese Calendar Gender Prediction

When it comes to pregnancy, calendars play an essential role in how we learn about our changing bodies and our growing babies. But some changes you won’t find in the calendar the doctor gave you. Maybe in your 7th week, you discover the “joys” of morning sickness. Maybe by the 10th week of pregnancy, you […]

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5 Signs You’re Having a Girl

When you’re pregnant, your friends and family might speculate on the gender of your baby. You hear everything from old wives’ tales to family myths. An elderly aunt may suspect you’re carrying a new great-niece based on your sudden sweet tooth. A friend may believe you should paint the nursery pink because of your mood […]

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Can You Determine Gender Based on Heart Rate?

Your baby’s heart is extraordinary. It brings oxygen from the umbilical cord to your baby’s growing brain and body. But is there more to your baby’s heart than a system of vessels and valves? Is there a secret message in that growing pulse about your child’s gender?  Can you predict a baby’s gender based on […]

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How to Do the Pencil Test to Determine Baby Gender

In grade school, you probably heard this phrase a thousand times: “Take out your pencils and begin your test!” When you’re pregnant, that phrase takes on an entirely different meaning, especially when you’re curious about your baby’s gender.  Like many traditions and old wives’ tales that predict a baby’s gender, the pencil gender prediction test […]

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What Determines the Gender of a Baby?

For millennia, scientists and astrologers have attempted to crack the mystery of predicting a baby’s sex. Stars were consulted, charts were made, but most gender prediction methods were correct 50% of the time—no better than a coin flip. What answers were our ancestors not privy to? What determines the gender of a baby? Put away […]

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Mayan Calendar Gender Prediction

When you find out that you’re pregnant, your mind becomes a whirl of emotions, excitement, and, of course, questions. After all, you can’t wait to learn more about the baby growing inside you! You may find yourself wondering: Will my baby have my eyes? Will my baby have my grandpa’s dimples? Will he or she […]

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What is the Shettles Method?

As you start on your journey to becoming a parent, you may dream of what your child will be like. Maybe you picture a softball champ who loves your mac and cheese recipes as much as she loves water colors. Or maybe you picture a dancer whose amazing natural rhythm only rivals his math skills. […]

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What is an NIPT Test?

Around ten to twelve weeks into pregnancy, your doctor might discuss taking an NIPT, or a noninvasive prenatal test, with you. This noninvasive prenatal screening is used to screen for chromosome abnormality in your growing baby. At the same time, it also lets you answer that all-important question: is it a boy or girl?  If […]

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How to Know Baby Gender Without an Ultrasound

Do you remember the moments before your pregnancy test read “positive?” You might have been nervous, uncertain, or hopeful, the only thought in your mind buzzing loud and clear—“Am I pregnant?” Then, the answer came. And along with the excitement and elation and popping of sparkling cider, more questions sparked in your mind. Questions like […]

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