5 Unconventional Ways to Uncover the Perfect Baby Name

Published on 2 August, 2018 and Updated on 30 April, 2020

For most new parents, picking the perfect name is one of the most exciting (and slightly stressful) parts of expecting. And unless you’re into the androgynous name trend, it’ll be much easier to narrow down your options once you know your baby’s gender.
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Now back to the original reason you came to this page: here are 5 unconventional tips for uncovering the perfect baby name:
Find a topic you love & dive deep.
Often, our creativity flows best when we’re doing something we love. Consider the things that have had meaning and intrigue in your life so far. Maybe you’ve always loved a certain genre of music. You could dig deeper into composers or artists whose work has touched you. The same goes for chefs, philosophers, activists and hey, even Greek history. The sky is the limit — just start with topics that ignite a spark, and go from there.
Consider meaningful experiences, events, or people in your life.
Toying with symbolism in your life can be an equally powerful way to add nuance and depth to your baby’s name.
Example: let’s say your honeymoon was on a beautiful island in Brazil. Naming your son “Anjo” (meaning “Angel” in Portuguese) has a personal meaning that’s subtle, and pays homage to a wonderful and meaningful experience in your life.
Another example: instead of the name Paris, opt for a specific district (Marais) or symbol (Vivienne, a beautiful gallery located there.) You get the idea.
Dig into your ancestry.
Even if your parents’ or grandparents’ given names don’t make the list, a great, great aunts’ name you’d never heard of just might. Digging deeper into your lineage could reveal something both original and meaningful. (Who knows, you might learn something you never expected.)
Another thought: Your ancestry is not always derived from the name of your direct lineage. You could also look into names for your baby within your ethnic background too, incorporating words from that language.
Consider forever.
At this point, we’ve seen them all. Hipster names. Girl-for-boy names, and boy-for-girl names. Last names as first names. They’re cute and fun to think about, but they also need to have some staying power: a good 90-100 years (or longer, with any luck!). Visualize it printed on name tags, directories, nameplates, and perhaps even office doors. It’s good practice to make sure it will still be wonderful decades from now.
Give inspiration time to strike.
Sometimes overthinking offers diminishing returns. If you’re spinning your wheels, table the topic for a while. Tuck your shortlist of baby names safely away, and focus on some other exciting aspects of your pregnancy. Speaking of which…
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