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Our customers loved taking matters into their own hands. Find out what our customers are saying about SneakPeek’s Early Baby Gender Test.

“Simple, fast and accurate!”

Suzette Evans & Juliana Friend

I used SneakPeek for my last pregnancy and recommended it for my sister! My spouse is active duty and we live away from home making it a little harder to be involved. It was so easy (living states away) for the results to be sent to me, for my sister, making this gender reveal so much fun and quite the surprise for mum, dad and their friends!

Alisa Lacheta

Our SneakPeek test was right! At 9 weeks on the dot we were able to do this test and our results were "boy" - those results were confirmed today at our ultrasound! I loved the experience, it was super easy and so fun to find out!

Kennadynne Narcisian-Keighley

SneakPeek was RIGHT! I can’t believe I didn’t find this company sooner. We found out we were having a Babygirl when I was only 10 weeks along. It’s so crazy how accurate it is! I waited to confirm with my 15-week scan, and she’s alllllllll lady! Thanks SneakPeek, we will use you again!!!!!

Genesis P.

SneakPeek helped me bond with my son. I lost my daughter, a year ago, on April 14. When I found out about my current pregnancy, I couldn’t bond or feel any attachment to my baby. With the help of SneakPeek, not only was I able to announce my pregnancy at my daughter's birthday party, I was able to surprise everyone with the gender of my little prince to come. it was a beautiful day that I am so grateful for and that wouldn’t have been possible without SneakPeek.

Lauryn M.

There is an unexplainable connection that you feel when you know the gender of the baby you’re carrying. I felt such a bond with this little boy so early and it made my pregnancy just perfect, and it would never have been so amazing for so long had I not found out it was a boy so early!

Lizette N.

"We are so grateful for SneakPeek! We went to a sonogram clinic in April for our 20-week sonogram. Unfortunately, our baby must have been just as excited as we were, because she was wiggling too much and the doctor wasn't able to confirm her gender for us. I came across SneakPeek and was immediately impressed by the amount of positive reviews and the guarantee of the results! We are so happy to know that we will be welcoming our baby girl Rylee in August of 2019!

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