Five unforgettable ways to tell your partner “I’m pregnant!”

Published on October 1st, 2018 and Updated on April 1st, 2021

Breaking the news: it only happens a few times in your life (at most). And it’s so exciting, it might very easily tumble off your tongue before you can think twice about it (If the tears of joy don’t give you away first.) But before you go shouting from the rooftops (unless you want to — who can blame you?) your pregnancy announcement to your partner is a golden opportunity to get creative.

From elegant and elaborate to sweet and simple, there’s definitely no wrong way to go about it.  Here are a few ideas we love to get you started:

1. Leave a pair of baby booties on his pillow.

This one is so simple and poignant, and has the added plus of letting him find it on his own time. Just make sure they’re a neutral color, unless you’ve already taken your SneakPeek Gender DNA Test!

2. Make reservations for three.

When the two of you show up for dinner and he asks who’s joining you, tell him your guest won’t be here for another 9 months (and might need a bib when they arrive!)

3. Gift him a Father’s Day card.

Sure, it’s a little harder to source, but if you can pull it off, you’ll get the joy of watching his face as he tries to figure out what you’re up to THIS time. Hint: you could also make one yourself! Either way, it’ll be one for the baby book.

4. Put your due date in icing.

If you already know your due date or want to calculate an estimate here, you can write it in icing on his favorite dessert (or breakfast-in-bed, if that’s more his style.) Then watch his face while he realizes what that date means. Warning: he may be too excited to actually eat whatever you made afterwards!

5. Not your first? Get the kids involved!

Have him dress the kids that morning, and make sure to lay the clothes out for them that day. The outfit you choose will do the rest. (There are lots of cute kid’s pregnancy reveal shirts to choose from! Etsy has tons of cute prints for under $20.)

And as soon as he DOES finds out…

You’ll both be dying to know: is it a boy or girl?! You can find out as early as 8 weeks with SneakPeek Gender DNA Test — which allows testing for gender almost two full months before most traditional clinical testing is available.

Our 8-week gender test is 99.9% accurate and can be done right at home, no office visits needed. Get more details and order yours here.  Find out your sneak peek gender in just a few short weeks!

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