Three Baby Shower Alternatives That Just Might Save Your Sanity

Published on June 22nd, 2018


The traditional baby shower certainly has its perks: gifts galore, a spirit of joy and celebration, and love and affection all around. Yet many moms-to-be are finding that despite its upsides, a baby shower can be overwhelming during a time when you may be craving extra R&R and quiet time. For many, the idea of planning a party, investing in a cute maternity dress, and showing up with your brightest, happiest face lacks appeal.

So, what’s a mama to do? The ideas are endless, but here are three great alternative baby shower options mamas are digging these days: a Sip N See party, a “Blessingway” ceremony, or a baby “Sprinkle” shower.

The Sip N See

The Sip N See happens after delivery, when parents have the chance to welcome friends and family into their home to meet their new arrival.

This has the dual advantage of allowing you to delay big gatherings until after the baby’s arrival, as well as wrangle expectations about what will happen once the baby does arrive. Instead of an endless trickle of well-meaning loved ones that you may just not have the energy for, a Sip N See sets a single time and day when everyone can take part in celebrating your new bundle of joy.

You’ll feel supported and loved, you’ll be able to make sure everyone has the opportunity to dote on your little one, and then you can go back to peace and quiet (or at least as much as you can get in your first few months as a new mom!)

The “Blessingway”

The Blessingway is a gathering that takes place just before birth. This new idea (which likely has ancient roots) brings family and friends together just before the mother gives birth, to help her gather her strength and feel the support of all those around her when she needs it most. It’s also a way to connect before a new life comes into the world, blessing it and changing it forever.

The “Sprinkle”

As the name suggests, a sprinkle is like a shower, just lighter. It might mean a more intimate gathering, or having a party hosted at a restaurant instead of organizing party favors, catering, and so forth on their own.
Moms who are having their second or third (or fourth!) baby already know the shower scene, and are most likely to opt for a gathering of modest proportions. They know themselves well at this point, and minimizing party planning and stress during their pregnancy may be at the top of their priority list.

But no matter what type of gathering, bash or full banquet you might be considering, it’s still important to keep first things first: before you can plan themed (or unthemed!) parties, you’ll want to get past your 12-week mark — and find out the gender the baby! We believe that too is a personal choice, and something that can be wonderful to do at home. Our SneakPeek gender accuracy test is an at home early gender blood test kit or DNA test to determine gender. It’s the only at home noninvasive gender blood test that’s over 99% accurate and can be taken at 8 weeks! Whether you want to have a gender reveal party too, well, that’s also up to you!

Motherhood is all about following your instincts. In all matters, choose what feels best to you and your partner as new parents. Like all things with parenting, there’s no wrong answer.

Happy celebrating!

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