SneakPeek was founded with the goal to make DNA-based prenatal and pediatric information accessible and affordable for parents everywhere.

Our founder was a pharmaceutical scientist working on whole genome sequencing for fetal cells. One question kept coming up from participants: What is the gender of my baby? A simple question, but one that cost tens of thousands at that time to answer. Why should it be so expensive and exclusive?

So we set out to find a better answer. We simplified the DNA test methodology to only look for a single marker: Y chromosomes. If male Y chromosomes are found in mom’s blood, then we know baby is male. If no Y chromosomes are detected, baby is female. Because we were only looking for one thing, we could use a very small sample of mom’s blood that could be taken from the comfort of home, making it easy and convenient. And so SneakPeek was born.

By making it simple, we made it affordable and accessible. Our founder’s wife was the first person to take the new SneakPeek Early Gender DNA test, and it was right – she had a boy! He’s now a happy 5-year-old who loves his Legos.

We believe that all parents deserve the ability to know as much about their children as soon as possible. We pushed the envelope with the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA test, which allows parents to know their baby’s gender as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy, and we’re conducting rigorous trials to move that timeline even earlier.

Our next products will let parents learn about their baby or toddler years ahead of schedule. What will their child look like as an adult? How tall will he or she be, with what color eyes or hair? What is their childhood sleep behavior, as indicated by their DNA? Is he or she an early bird or night owl? What is his or her nutritional profile? We want to make these answers as easy and accessible as possible.

These are the questions that fascinate us, and the questions we want to let parents answer sooner than ever before, to help all children everywhere live their best lives.

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