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Connect in a heartbeat with
SneakPeek® Fetal Doppler

The easiest way for pregnant women to check on baby in between doctor visits.

Hear your baby’s heartbeat and unique sounds earlier anytime, anywhere with SneakPeek® At-home Doppler (AKA Baby Heart Monitor).

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Package Includes: Fetal Doppler, Earphones, Recording Cable, Electrode Gel, User Guide, 9V Battery + Free Shipping.


  • Baby Heartbeat Monitor
  • Detects full range of sound
  • Monitor baby movement
  • Record heartbeat
  • Safe & noninvasive
  • Compact & portable
  • Listen to kick counts
  • Hear hiccups
  • Earphone jack
  • Built-in speaker
  • FDA Cleared

SneakPeek Fetal Doppler is here to make your pregnancy even more real when you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. The new, sleek, state-of-the-art design allows any expectant mom to bond with their baby in the comfort of their home or on the go at just 13 weeks pregnant. With the at-home fetal doppler, you can listen to the unique sounds your baby makes including heartbeats, movements, hiccups, and more throughout the weeks of your pregnancy. Share baby’s sounds with the external monitoring speaker or use the headphones for a more intimate experience. No need for a visit to the doctor for an ultrasound. Expectant parents can connect with their baby easily. It’s as simple as holding the Baby Heart Monitor to your belly.

Bonding with your baby throughout the weeks of your pregnancy will lead to a greater connection with your child. Pregnant women can consider the baby fetal doppler their own hand-held ultrasound. The SneakPeek fetal heart doppler is easy-to-use and safe for a mother’s health, making it an essential for your pregnancy.

When Can I Use an At-Home Fetal Doppler

For many pregnant women, the joy of feeling their baby moving inside them not only provides a sense of comfort, but also the long-term effects of motherly bonding with their future child. The movement of the fetus begins as early as 13-16 weeks into pregnancy, and from there, it’s only a matter of time before your little one starts practicing karate.

As your baby is getting a feel for you, you can also start to get to know your baby! As early as 13 weeks into pregnancy, your baby’s heartbeat can be heard from the comfort of your couch with the SneakPeek heartbeat monitor.

How Does a Fetal Doppler Work?

The doppler monitor works by using sound waves to identify moving objects. The sound waves adjust based upon whether the object is moving toward or away from you. The device provides audio output from the back and forth movement of the heartbeat.