Gender reveal parties are all the rage, they are starting to take over traditional baby showers.

Jan 04th, 2018

What’s really great about it, is that everyone can come. So go ahead and invite both your female and male friends and try this incredible new option to share the excitment of your baby’s gender. Here are 4 great gender reveal party concepts to get you started planning your own baby shower!


Pick Teams

Here’s whats hot! Themes, games, favors, and posting on pinterest are all the rage. Have your guests pick Team Pink or Team Blue and come dressed with those colors to the party. Use fake mustaches for the boys team and paper lips for the girls team to hold up. Don’t forget to take hilarious photos to post!


Bite Into a Cupcake

Even surprise yourself! Have someone seal the gender in an envelope and have your favorite bakery fill with the appropriate filling inside a cake or cupcakes. “It was a blast when we bit into the cupcake and had no idea what was inside!”


Break Open a Pinata

Fill it with blue or pink M&M’s, Gummy bears and all kinds of color matched candy and confetti. You, your husband or even another child can break open the pinata!


Balloons in a Box

Decorate a big box and fill it with helium balloons. “When we broke it open… They rose out everyone screamed with excitement!”