Preparing Your Kids To Be Great Siblings To The New Baby

Telling your child that you’re having another baby can be a nerve-wracking experience, but most kids are very excited at the prospect of being a big brother or big sister.

Having a sibling is a very rewarding relationship. Preparing your kids for the changes a new baby will bring to your household ensures that relationship will get of to a great start.

Remember when parents turned to old wives’ tales like the Chinese gender predictor or holding a ring on a chain over their belly to find out if they were having a boy or a girl? Now you can find out the sex of your baby at 9 weeks pregnant and share it with your other kids.

Make a celebration of it with a gender reveal party or some other small ceremony to mark the occasion.

Let your child experience the physical reality of her new sibling by inviting her to put her hands on your belly and feel the baby kick. You can also help her feel like she’s part of the experience by asking her to help you choose baby names.

Be honest with your child and let them know that there will be lots of crying, lots of dirty diapers and lots of times when you won’t be available for them. Boost their confidence by telling them they will be your mother’s little helpers! It will build their self-esteem, instill confidence and forge a strong bond with their sibling.

Each child has a unique place in your heart. Let them know what makes them special. A new baby doesn’t mean less love to go around—instead, the love in your home will only grow.