5 Epic Gender Reveal Party Themes

Published on February 7th, 2020 and Updated on April 12th, 2021


Every moment with your growing baby feels worthy of capturing and sharing. And some moments even seem worth celebrating—like discovering your baby’s gender. 

You’re not alone in this feeling, which is why gender reveal parties have become such a huge thing.

What is a gender reveal party? Well, these parties are the exciting viral craze where expectant parents invite their friends and loved ones to discover the gender of their newborn together in a fun, surprising way. And the gender reveal themes are as diverse and creative as the people who love to celebrate them.

Discovering Your Baby’s Gender

Before the party planning commences and you start looking for the best baby gender reveal themes, it would probably help if you knew what you were expecting. With the assistance of SneakPeek’s gender prediction test, you can conveniently collect your sample from the comfort of your own home, ship it back to SneakPeek Labs in a prepaid package for DNA analysis, and receive accurate results in as little as 72 hours.

Thanks to modern technology, this gender blood test:

  • Saves you a trip to a physical facility
  • Works as early as 8 weeks into your pregnancy
  • Has 99.9% gender blood test accuracy in predicting the correct gender
  • Costs as little as $79

Thanks to SneakPeek, it’s never been more time- or cost-efficient to find out your baby’s gender. Which means, you’re now free to spend more hours and dollars preparing for the baby gender reveal party that will put all other Pinterest parties to shame.

Once you’ve got the “gender” part of your “gender reveal party” figured out, the next step is to plan the gender reveal theme.

We’ve prepared 5 unique gender reveal themes for you below so, let’s get the creative juices flowing! 

Theme #1 – The Classic Pink or Blue

You can’t go wrong with the classic pink or blue party. However, just because it’s a go-to doesn’t mean that it has to be uninspired. These two colors can form the basis of many creative ideas to come…

  • Wear your guess – Have guests come dressed in the color of their guess for what the baby’s gender will be. Not only will this make for aesthetically pleasing photos, but it could even inspire some rivalry amongst loved ones. Consider some fun Pink vs Blue gender reveal games to pit blues against pinks, like:
    •  Zygote toss – It’s Team Blue vs Team Pink in a fun game of egg toss. Except, instead of calling them eggs, in this game, they’re called “zygotes.”
    • Baby charades – Have guests act out different words or phrases surrounding newborns like “changing a diaper” or “learning how to walk.”

Winning team gets to pick the name of your baby! Or maybe they just win a baked goodie… that might be less extreme.

  • Dual color all the way – Every item from pink and blue lemonade to pink and blue balloons present opportunities to push your theme to the next level.
  • Stickers and pins can help announce the gender of your soon-to-be bundle of joy
  • Custom pink and blue poker chips can be great for setting up some gender-betting games of poker or roulette.
  • The dessert table filled with cookies, cupcakes, cotton candy, and even beverages all can be made thematic with some food coloring 

Theme #2 – Prince or Princess

Of course, your future baby will be treated like royalty, so why not throw a party worthy of one? If you found pink and blue too commoner for you, you can switch it up with silver and gold or perhaps, a royal purple and blue.

There are countless options to plan your perfect prince or princess themed party.

  • The storybook beginning – Set the tone by welcoming guests to your castle with a “Once Upon a Time” banner.
  • Calling all Disney fanatics – Invite your friends and family to dress up as their favorite animated royalty characters. For an extra dose of fun, they can dress as a Disney character that matches the gender of their guess (even if it’s not their own gender).
  • Capture the magic – With some gowns and capes, guests can have their royal portrait taken at a designated photo booth area. These will make for great souvenirs and cherished keepsakes for years to come.
  • The clock strikes midnight – When the clock strikes reveal time, simultaneously pop a silver or gold balloon to unveil blue or pink confetti.

Everyone will leave happily ever after after your fairytale gender reveal.

Theme #3 – Lashes or ‘Staches

For a quirky flourish that’s sure to have your guests doubled over with laughter, you can hand out fake eyelashes and mustaches for all attendees to wear. Mustaches are for those who think that it’s a baby boy; lashes are for those who are on the baby girl team. Soon enough, everybody is going to be looking absurd.

  • My! What big eyelashes you have grandma! – To keep the giggles going, be sure to provide all different shapes and sizes of fake mustaches and eyelashes for people to choose from.
  • That’s one hairy baby – Set up a game of Pin the tail on the donkey. Instead, make it pin the mustache or eyelashes on the baby!
  • Catch the ‘stache – Be sure to catch the ‘staches and lashes in action with a makeshift photo booth set up. That way, everyone ends the event with a hairy, treasured keepsake.
  • Accessorize everything – From the themed party invite to the cupcake topper and gender reveal cake, be sure to have tiny facial hair accessories everywhere!

For a two-in-one gender reveal idea, you can readily swap out lashes or ‘staches for hair bows or bow ties, using the same tips above! 

Switching Up The Gender Reveal Themes | Chromosomal Reveal Parties

For a fun take on the classic gender reveal party, many expecting parents have been redefining the language to be more inclusive with chromosomal reveal parties. The SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test actually looks for male DNA within the mother’s blood sample. This is how SneakPeek determines the gender of the baby so early into the pregnancy.

What specifically is the test searching for? Y-Chromosomes.

The only reason a woman would have Y-chromosomes in her blood would be if she’s expecting a boy! So, in line with the scientific lingo, check out these themes for a “gender-neutral” gender reveal party (aka, a chromosomal reveal party). 

Theme #4 – What Will It Bee?

Gender-neutral parties are all the buzz. And oh honey, do we have a fun gender reveal party idea for you! Guests won’t be able to keep the smile from their faces with all the sunny, yellow decor.

  • Decorate the hive – All you need are yellow and orange hexagons taped to the wall to create a beehive backdrop, some bee cutouts taped onto yellow and black balloons or lanterns, and flowers aplenty for simple gender reveal decorations.
  • Black and Yellow – For the gender-neutral reveal, black can correspond to X-Y chromosomes and yellow can be for X-X chromosomes.
  • Queen Bey – This might be the best excuse to put on an exclusively Beyoncé playlist for a game of musical chairs. She’s the Queen Bey after all… Now get those busy bee-hinds moving!
  • Sweet treats – You can avoid upsetting the hive by providing plenty of snacks, including:
    • Honeycomb party mix
    • Bumblebee cake pops 
    • Fruit flower arrangements (homemade or order it online)
    • Cupcakes with cute bee toppers
    • Ice cream with a honey twist
  • Buzz off – For a tasty afterthought, you can support local businesses by sending guests home with small jars of locally-sourced honey before they buzz off.

How far you’ll go is up to you, but we’re sure this sweet gender reveal party will be the bee’s knees! 

Theme #5 – Let’s Taco ‘Bout Chromosomes, Baby

For another theme that takes the gender question out of the equation and puts an all-you-can-eat taco bar into the equation, consider the let’s taco bout chromosomes, baby theme. To get this burrito rolling…

  • Eating for two – With this theme, your guests can enjoy a full-service taco bar that’s designed for people to stuff themselves. Eating for two has never been more relevant. 
  • Chromosome reveal piñata – Fill a piñata with paper X’s and Y’s (or just X’s—depending on your SneakPeek results) to give this gender-neutral gender reveal party some chromosomal flair! For some fun, piñata ideas:
  • Holy guaca-mole! Let everyone know the sex of your baby with an adorable avocado.
  • Don-keep anyone waiting any longer. Buy a classic donkey that you can stuff with candy or any two colors of your choice.
  • It’s not good to bottle things up! Empty a baby bottle piñata full of all the revealy goodness.

If there’s one takeaway here, it’s that you can’t go wrong with tacos and piñatas. 

The Big Reveal: Sharing Those Three Magical WordsTM

After spending all this time thinking about the theme, hopefully, you haven’t forgotten about the guests! It’s important to give all your friends and loved ones plenty of time to free their schedules and cancel their important weekend work meetings. As a good rule of thumb, try to allow for at least six weeks’ notice for your gender reveal party. That way, everyone can make it to the celebration of those three magical words—it’s a boy! It’s a girl!

Invitations don’t have to break the bank! While you can go the handmade route or create an online event, consider using one of the following websites to generate an online party invitation at home:

Each of the resources listed above is free and have premade gender reveal party invitation templates at the ready. Who needs to spend big bucks when you can have professional, personalized invitations with just a few clicks? 

More Fun Gender Reveal Activities

Along with choosing your gender reveal party theme, it’s even more exciting to choose some fun gender reveal and baby shower games to entertain your guests! We’ve listed some more creative gender reveal games you can host:

  • Guess the baby name
  • Baby Trivia
  • Bib Decoration
  • Complete the Lullaby Lyrics
  • Cake pop gender reveal
  • Baby imitation competition

Add your own twist to the gender reveal games however you want!

Show and Yell

Discovering the gender of your baby is one of the first steps along this magical journey that makes the experience all the more real. Your baby is no longer an unidentifiable bean inside you but a beautiful growing boy or girl. It’s an incredible piece of information that deserves an incredible party.

With gender reveal theme party ideas in mind, you can ease your party-planner pains with our detailed guide on how to plan a gender reveal party.


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