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Published on February 24th, 2021

Curious if you’re expecting a baby girl or a boy?

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Gender Predictor Quiz: A Quick Analysis

Curious about the quiz questions and where they came from?

Read on to learn more about the science and storytelling behind these common gender predictors.

Carrying High or Low

Are you carrying high or low? It’s a question you may hear a lot when your belly begins to show. According to this old wives’ tale, carrying the belly weight high up on the stomach means you’re having a girl while carrying the weight low signifies a boy. But is there scientific evidence to this old-fashioned gender prediction? Researchers say…nope! Where you carry your belly has more to do with your physiology, not your baby’s. To learn more about the science behind carrying high vs. low see our blog, “Types of Pregnancy Belly Shapes.”

Baby Heart Rate

Your baby’s heartbeat is probably one of the sweetest sounds you’ll hear. But is the secret of your baby’s gender in the tempo of those beautiful beats? Those who swear by the heart rate gender prediction method say you can differentiate a baby boy from a baby girl in the womb by measuring a baby’s fetal heart rate. Because a baby’s heart rate zones can be detected by a vaginal ultrasound as early as 5 ½ to 6 weeks after conception, it’s no wonder this gender prediction method excites parents-to-be who can’t wait to know more about their bundle of joy. But is there truth to it? Scientists and researchers have conducted extensive studies that show a baby’s gender doesn’t alter fetal heart rate. To learn more about the theory and science behind this method read our blog post, “Can You Determine Gender Based on Heart Rate?

Pregnancy Cravings

Cravings—they may be a constant part of your pregnancy. Some say that your sweet tooth or salty snack hankerings might be an early indicator of your baby’s gender. If you’re always thinking of doughnuts, candy, or cake, you’re having a girl according to the craving gender prediction method. If you can’t get enough chips, popcorn, or other salty snacks, the method states you’re having a little boy. While there is no substantiated evidence that what you’re craving could indicate your baby’s gender, there are a lot of fascinating scientific theories about pregnancy cravings. Read our “Can Cravings Predict Gender?” blog to learn more!

During Pregnancy Have You Been Particularly Moody? 

As a soon-to-be-mom, you may be experiencing a lot of feelings. In fact, it may sometimes feel like you’re feeling all the feelings! Some say your pregnancy moods may be an indicator of your child’s gender. Estrogen—sometimes known as the “female” hormone which can cause moodiness—is the basis of this gender prediction method. According to this method, because girls naturally produce more estrogen than boys, the mother will have more mood swings. Moodier mom = baby girl. But here are the facts: estrogen levels are at their highest when you’re pregnant, whether you’re having a little boy or a girl. If you want to learn more about this theory or other gender prediction methods read our blog “5 Signs You’re Having a Girl!”

Are Your Hair and Skin Glowing?

If you feel like you belong in a hair or skin care commercial all the time, do you have a little boy to thank? You may have heard that baby girls steal their mothers’ beauty while boys make their moms more beautiful. The fact is, increased hormone production due to pregnancy is responsible for everything from dull hair to gorgeous locks, from glowing skin to pregnancy zits. Pregnancy hormones affect women differently, regardless of whether they’re expecting a baby girl or baby boy. To learn more about how hormones affect your pregnancy, or other gender prediction methods read our blog, “Signs of Having a Baby Boy.” 

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is just one tell-tale sign of early pregnancy. According to old wives’ tales, more morning sickness means you’re having a little girl. The theory is founded on two assumptions: one, that hormones cause morning sickness and two, girls supposedly have more hormones than boys. If you’re feeling a little queasy a lot, congrats—it’s a girl! Well, maybe not. Scientists are still learning more about the causes of morning sickness, but researchers have stated that hormone production during pregnancy isn’t affected by your child’s gender. That means your bundle of joy isn’t behind queasiness. For more info about morning sickness or other gender prediction methods, read our blog, “Signs of Having a Baby Boy.” 

Gaining Extra Weight

You’ve probably heard the old adage that growing boys constantly need to be fed—if you grew up with brothers, you’ve probably seen this in action. But some believe that a boy’s need to eat starts right in the womb. If you’re eating more but not gaining extra weight, some say it’s because your little boy is taking up all the extra calories. However, science has proven that the weight difference between women who are having girls versus women who are having boys is so slight it’s impossible to tell if this theory is true. To learn more about this theory, check out our blog, “Signs of Having a Baby Boy.”


SneakPeek aims to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to help our readers make informed decisions regarding their health before, during, and after pregnancy. This article was written based upon trusted scientific research studies and/or articles. Credible information sources for this article are cited and hyperlinked.

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