5 Things to Do When You First Find Out You’re Pregnant

Published on January 14th, 2019 and Updated on April 1st, 2021

You just took a pregnancy test and it’s…positive! Now you’re probably wondering what to do when you find out you’re pregnant. Well, first of all, congratulations! You may have been anticipating this moment for days and wondering how soon will a pregnancy test read positive. Take a deep breath. Grab your partner. Let the fact that you are both going to be parents sink in before you begin to check off what to do when you find out you’re pregnant.

When you manage to come down from cloud 9 for a bit (and the million other little feelings that are bound to come up), there will be some things you need to do first. From changing your diet to taking a baby gender predictor test, here are the first five things all pregnant women should do after a positive pregnancy test.

1. Call your OB-GYN (and your mom.)

It’s true that most OB-GYNs won’t see you until you’re at least 6 weeks, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting an appointment with your doctor right away. It’ll give you a sense of calm to have a plan. Plus, the best doctors are often harder to get in with. While home pregnancy test kits are pretty accurate, your health provider may have you come in for an additional test that measures the exact hCG hormone levels in your blood. If you’re extra eager to find out your due date before your first appointment, try a pregnancy calculator to learn when you might be welcoming your baby into the world.

If you’re considering alternative birthing and prenatal care options, that’s awesome. Your regular OB-GYN is still a recommended place to start and will likely be your go-to resource throughout this process. You’ll be able to discuss care options and explore alternative birthing methods in the coming months.

Additionally, you’ll obviously want to share the news of your pregnancy test results with family members and friends. Some couples wait to tell anyone until after the first ultrasound in case of a rare false positive result or early pregnancy loss during the first 12 weeks. However, when and how you decide to share your pregnancy news is a matter of personal preference. 

2. Check in with your insurance company.

This one is admittedly a little less exciting, but definitely important and well worth the effort after receiving your positive pregnancy test result. Now is the time to make sure you clearly understand what your health care provider covers in insurance during pregnancy and through delivery, so you can start budgeting accordingly and avoid unexpected expenses.

Find out what portion of hospital visits and which medical tests they’ll cover (all or part of) and what portion of your deductible has been met this year. Keep in mind that if your due date is the following year, your deductible will revert back to the full amount. Get the facts from your health care provider so you can make them work in your favor.

3. Order your SneakPeek® Gender DNA test.

Now that you handled the less-than-exciting insurance stuff (nice job), let’s get to the fun part! Finding out the gender of your baby can be done in the second trimester with an ultrasound. However, if you’re eager to find out your baby’s gender earlier than ever before, you can do so with SneakPeek as early as at 8 weeks of pregnancy. Our early at-home gender blood test is the guaranteed fastest way to learn your baby’s gender. It’s also safe, secure, and can be completed in the comfort of your own home with 99.9% gender blood test accuracy. No need for a doctor’s appointment. Learn more about when you can find out the sex of your baby.

4. Eat clean(er).

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been eating clean-ish for a while now. Prenatal care is essential for pregnant women, so this is the moment to up your game even more. Whenever your appetite allows it, stick to whole, minimally processed foods, with well-cooked, fresh protein (minimizing fish). You’ll also want to consider adding a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid into your diet to support the healthy development of your baby. And as you probably know – drinking alcohol and heavy caffeine is officially a no-go until after delivery. Following a clean diet in early pregnancy will set a healthy pregnancy routine until the birth of your child.

All that said, be easy on yourself. Many women in their first trimester can only stomach a few (slightly weird and random) things. Between the morning sickness, odd cravings, and mood swings, you’re bound to fall off the wagon a bit. Maybe you had already been experiencing some of these symptoms even before your positive test, which prompted you to decide when to take a pregnancy test. If that’s you, do what you’re able to do.

5. Check your makeup and household products.

Before you put your favorite foundation on tomorrow morning, make sure to check the bottle. Many make-up products contain phthalates — a chemical you’ll want to avoid after your positive test result and throughout your pregnancy.

If you haven’t already, you should also look into switching your cleaning products over to a natural option. Classics like Bon Ami contain five simple ingredients that moms have trusted for decades. Plant-based products like BetterLife are also just a click away on Amazon.

Less waiting, more celebrating!

Getting to know your baby is one of the most exciting and joyful parts of pregnancy. SneakPeek products are designed to shorten the wait and help parents connect with their baby before and between doctor’s visits. Get a head start to your pregnancy and learn your child‘s gender as early as 8 weeks pregnant to best prepare. Leading up to the birth of your child, be sure to follow the above. To further connect with your baby during pregnancy, you can also check out our fetal doppler which allows you to hear your baby’s unique sounds. At SneakPeek, we empower you to seek the best of your pregnancy and enjoy this journey as a new mama.

SneakPeek aims to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to help our readers make informed decisions regarding their health before, during, and after pregnancy. This article was written based upon trusted scientific research studies and/or articles. Credible information sources for this article are cited and hyperlinked.

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