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6 Old Wives’ Tales That Claim To Be A Baby Gender Predictor

Apr 16th, 2018


From sleep position to food cravings, here’s 6 old wives’ tales that many people still rely on for predicting their baby’s gender.

Is it possible to determine that your baby will be a boy if you crave salty or savory foods? What about your sleep position — does sleeping on your right side really mean you’re having a girl? Many people believe a variety of old wives’ tales for determining a baby’s gender, some based on logic and some based on mere superstition. Old Wives’ tales are fun and harmless, but they’re certainly not the be-all and end-all of baby gender prediction and definitely not based on science.

Top 6 (Crazy? True?) Old Wives’ Tales for Predicting a Baby’s Gender

Here’s some of the most popular wives’ tales that many parents still believe will accurately identify their baby’s gender.

Old Wives’ Tale #1: Sleep Position

If you constantly find yourself sleeping on your right side, then you’re probably having a girl. At least, that’s the myth. Supposedly, baby girls in the womb can subconsciously cause their mother to prefer the right-sided sleeping position. Conveniently, no research has yet to support this claim. Where’s science when you need it?

Old Wives’ Tale #2: Changes in Father’s Weight

They say fluctuations in the father’s weight can determine whether you’re having a boy or girl. If the dad gains weight during the early or middle portion of the pregnancy, legend has it that a baby girl is on her way.

Old Wives’ Tale #3: Morning Sickness

According to myth, little girls will cause the most trouble when it comes to the state of your stomach. If you’re experiencing a high level of morning sickness, then a baby girl is likely going to make an appearance.

Old Wives’ Tale #4: Food Cravings

Here’s a delicious rule of thumb, as mythical as it may be, to help you determine whether you’re having a boy or girl:

  • If you’re craving savory foods, the stork will probably be delivering a boy.
  • Is your sweet tooth more noticeable than normal? Congrats, you’re having a girl!

Old Wives’ Tale #5: Heart Rate

Myth has it that heart rates are gender-specific and can identify whether a boy or girl is on it’s way. According to the old wives’ tale, if the baby’s heart rate is greater than 150 times per minute, you’re probably going to have a girl. Under 150 beats per minute? Definitely a boy. At least this wive’s tale attempts to make a connection to medical knowledge, right?

Old Wives’ Tale #6: Carrying Low?

One of the most popular wives’ tale involves how you physically carry your growing baby. If you carry low and have a round-shaped belly, then you’re likely to have a baby boy. While this isn’t based in any type of scientific fact, you’ll likely hear this myth from every person that crosses your path during the next 8 months.

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